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Certified Solar

We Provide Future Of Energy

Headquartered in Australia, Certified Solar specializes in providing solar energy and energy storage system installations for commercial and residential projects. We transform our clients' energy needs by helping them drastically reduce and eliminate their electricity bills, aiming for the maximum return on each investment.

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Certified Solar

What We Provide


Commercial Installation

Brighten your office with solar. Certified Solar has the expertise to tailor a system to meet your energy-saving needs and provide an all-inclusive service for your large-scale PV installation.

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Residential Installation

Homeowners constantly look to switch to solar energy to save up on substantial monthly bills and energy costs. In the era of solar energy, Certified Solar comes in to install high-quality solar systems.

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Technical Support

For most solar companies, service and maintenance are an inconvenience. But at Certified Solar, we install solar systems and keep them working smoothly and cost-efficient for years to come.

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Certified Solar

A Great Return on Investment

Installing our innovative solar energy systems can elevate your property’s value and protect you against rising energy costs. Instead of paying a power company, divert some of that finance to pay off your own power plant and live a stress-free life. Our high-quality solar power energy systems are readily available to deliver.


Certified Solar

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